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Healthcare Uniforms

An extended range of nursing uniforms of many colours and fabrics with options to suit both male and female.

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Healthcare and nursing uniforms that create a united look throughout the team

Meltemi’s dedicated healthcare range is ideal for the whole team. With a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes, we can clothe your team, standardising a professional look throughout. Many female tunic and dress styles come in a range of petite, regular and tall options and male and female healthcare trousers come in four different leg lengths.

What is a medical uniform?

Typical medical uniforms vary for each medical profession. Traditionally the healthcare sector wears scrubs, tunics, nurses dresses, healthcare trousers and more; all of which are available to order in our healthcare range.

Personalised uniforms

All garments in our healthcare range can be personalised using our embroidered workwear service. Ensure easy medical and nurses uniforms identification by personalising your workforce’s garments with the hospital logo, ward name and employee name.

What can be worn for nurses uniforms?

Nursing uniforms commonly comprise of:

  • Tunics, which have been specifically designed for use in a medical environment, available in a vast range of colours and piping around the edges. These are ideal for maximising comfort throughout the working day, protecting the wearer from cross contamination and enduring numerous industrial washes. Our tunics range from £19-£38 depending on the style you prefer.

  • Scrubs. Nurses aren’t required to wear scrubs but these are a popular choice for those looking to wear a minimalistic, no fuss uniform for a long shift. We supply our scrubs in matching sets with a broad option of colours to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect uniform for your job role. Our scrubs range from £14-26 in price.

  • Dresses. We stock a select range of dresses should you be looking for something more traditional. A comfortable and modest fitting for a long day at work, offering the same benefits as a tunic top.

  • Healthcare trousers to be paired with either our nurses tunics or scrubs, available in a wide range of colours to match with your chosen top.

Why do nurses wear different coloured uniforms?

Most hospitals and healthcare institutions assign different coloured uniforms to each job role or grades of a job role to ensure it’s clear for both staff and patients to identify them. The assigned colour differs in every hospital. To improve identification of medical job roles in the hospital, we offer a personalised workwear service where you can incorporate ward names, job titles and employee names into each uniform.