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Embroidered workwear service

Identify your team with Embroidery or Tags

We offer a personalisation service to add names or logos to garments. Adding embroidery or branded tags is an ideal way to promote your organisation and increase team recognition.

Personalisation can also remove the potential for some uniform garments to be declared as a taxable benefit – for more information please contact HMRC or visit

Ordering Embroidery or Tags on-line

If it is new embroidery or tag, it will need to be approved prior to application to garments. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 01603 731330 or email and tell us that you would like to order these on-line in future. Alternatively, you can upload your logo to our website, to do so, please login to your account go to 'My Account' and choose 'Logos' in the menu. 

Once your designs are set up and approved, you can have them available on the web to order with future garments. Simply sign in using your username and password, then:

1. Select your garment, size, and fit online

2. Click 'Click here to add embroidery to your product'

3. Choose your position

4. Select one of your approved logos in the dropdown list

5. You can also add additional text to your garment. If you do not require additional text, please untick the box 'I require text'

6. Click 'Add customisation'

Embroidery Approval

Standard Lettering

1. Standard lettering can be set up and applied directly from our embroidery machines

2. Please send details of the wording to be applied, the size of lettering, colours required, garments to be embroidered and the position on the garment

3. We will then send you a choice of lettering styles and a quote based on the stitch count

Designs and Logos

1. Email or send your design in the correct colour indicating the size and location on the garment

2. We will provide a quotation for the set up charge and application to garments based on the number of stitches

3. Once we receive your approval and an order number, the computerised design is created, sampled on fabric and sent to you for approval

4. Once you have returned the approval form, your embroidery is ready for application to garments



There is no charge for tag set up and tape colours are available on request

1. Simply email or send your wording or logo design to our Customer Service Team with the thread colour, tape colour and position you would like the tag to be attached on the garment

2. Select from block or script text design as below and choose a tape colour

3. Tags are charged at £1 per tag, payable on order. Your tags are created then stocked for ongoing application to garments.

Embroidered workwear service