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You May Have Noticed, We’ve Rebranded!

Re-imagining Meltemi

Meltemi started in 1970 and was a standalone business until it merged with the Alsico Group in 2013 to become the ‘healthcare division’ of Alsico. However at this time it still operated as a stand alone business. It wasn’t until last year, through the course of 2020, that we consolidated the businesses into one operating team based in Preston. 

It was this integration that had General Manager Greg Houlston re-imagining the Meltemi logo.


‘If I looked across the rest of the group, it was clear that Meltemi’s branding needed a little revamp to get it in line with the rest of the company. As it stood, Meltemi looked aesthetically removed from the Alsico branding. We (the group) started to go with a much bolder, rounder font, lower case, and started to use the blue accent that nods to the blue mountain image used in older logos across the interactional group.’ 

‘When I looked at the Meltemi logo, it was a bit traditional in comparison. It was a very pointy, scripted, times new roman style font. We needed to ask, is it still in touch with the audience we are trying to attract.’

‘That’s when we decided to use the same type of font as the rest of the group. Suddenly it becomes more in tune with the group and starts to present itself as a much bigger entity. We are engineering a more technically advanced manufacturer here, and we needed to reflect that in our branding.’


New 2021 Meltemi Logo