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Why Good Quality Workwear in the Healthcare Industry is Vital

At Meltemi, we understand how essential good quality workwear is within Healthcare. A well designed uniform helps maintain a professional image, distinguish between the staff and their patients, and promote protection from cross contamination. Now more than ever we see and understand the benefits to you and your team of having the best quality workwear possible.

However, it can be difficult to decide which healthcare scrubs, tunics, trousers and dresses are right for you and/or your team. Below we have outlined the most important features to consider when buying your healthcare uniform and encourage you to consider these points in your decision.

  1. Fabric

Working long hours in conditions where it is vital to remain hygienic and clean, we know the importance of a versatile material. 

All of our healthcare uniforms can be washed to 85°C for infection control. This maintains your uniforms hygiene when working with new patients and other colleagues every shift, preventing the spread of infections. You can start each shift safe in the knowledge that you’re removing unwanted germs from being carried on your uniform.

Scrubs, for instance, should always be made from a stretchy polyester/cotton fabric to ensure easy maneuvering during procedures. Whereas a physiotherapist’s uniform should be made to stretch and be pliable, using a fine poly cotton blend to allow for breathability and to prevent the top from clinging to any sweat.

  1. Fit

To make sure that your uniform is the correct fit, we recommend going for your usual high street fashion size. All of our garments are designed to ensure comfort and flexibility where your profession relies on easy mobility. If you would like to ensure the size you’ve selected is correct, please use our size guide.

  1. Role

Your profession within healthcare may also affect what type and style you choose for your uniform. We know that different roles require a different uniform; a staff nurse could need a hospital blue and white tunic or dress, while a lead nurse could need a navy and white tunic or dress. The colours chosen for each role also varies from hospital to hospital. This will work with department differentiation as well, so if you have several departments under one roof it may be a good idea to colour code these. It will make it easier for patients to identify who to contact depending on which service they require, cutting out confusion and wait times.

A healthcare provider's appearance often tends to be vital in developing a good rapport with patients and clients. Patients instill a lot of trust in their doctors and nurses, and a professional appearance may reassure them that they are in safe, competent hands. Bright colours and bold prints portray a friendly welcoming image, while different coloured medical tunics indicate job roles and departments. 

With Meltemi healthcare uniforms and nurses tunics you can be assured of a great investment in the positive representation of yourself or your healthcare team. Browse our healthcare uniform range today for plenty of design options to suit all levels.

If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch and ask an expert member of our team on 01603 731330.