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Which scrubs are best for you and your business?

Scrubs, as a garment, often suffer from being tarnished with the same old assumption: That it’s ‘one size fits all’ not only in terms of style, but in colour too. But actually, at Meltemi, we stock lots of different types of fits, styles and colours for you to choose from so you can find a scrub uniform that not only looks and feels good to the individual, but is also appropriate for all professional standards in a host of healthcare environments.


With such a large variety of choices available, how do you know which style of scrub is right for your company? Here are 6 questions you should ask yourself to guide you to your perfect match:

  1. Do we need gender specific scrubs or will everyone wear unisex fits?


Just because they are called ‘scrubs suits’ doesn’t mean you have to stick to matching tops and bottoms. Why not mix it up a bit and pair unisex tops and male/female trousers or unisex trousers and female tops? There is no right and wrong, just what's best for your staff and what makes them feel comfortable and confident.


  1. Do we need matching trousers?


You don’t need to be in a bright colour from head to toe. Have you thought about pairing scrub tops with navy or black healthcare trousers? Trouser fit is important for comfort so having a more specific fitted trouser with a looser unisex scrub top can sometimes be the answer, especially if you’re catering for a large work force.  


  1. Do we need contrast trims to define job roles or our brand colour?


Contrast trims, binding around necklines and cuffs, can be used to represent your brand colour, signify roles or qualifications in any company or even just add a nice design element to your uniform. Don’t forget to also consider adding embroidery or branding as alternatives including job roles and names as well and brand logos. Check our bespoke uniform embroidery page for more information.   


  1. Which colours do we need?


Work out how many colours you think you will need. Do you want all you staff to wear one colour or are you wanting to signify roles and seniority by using different colours? Most scrubs come in a large variety of colours, so take a look at the options in each range before you make your decision as this may make your decision for you!


  1. Do we need stretch fabrics?


Traditionally, scrubs are a polyester/cotton blend that come in a choice of lightweight or midweight materials, however stretch solutions are now also available and are able to mimic the lovely athleisure fabrics we all know and love. Stretch can offer improved comfort, a better range of movement and reduce the hindrance of your uniform when performing manual tasks – but make sure to check the wash temperatures as not all stretch fabrics can wash to 60 degrees in line with the infection control guidelines.


  1. How will we be laundering our scrubs?


Most scrubs are made to withstand industrial high temperature washing, however, depending on fabric there are some limitations to this, typically with Viscose and Lycra contents. Make sure you check the wash instructions on your chosen range to ensure they meet your company's laundry requirements. All of our scrubs are durable under 60 degree washing conditions to make sure infection control is adhered to, even our stretch fabric range Alsi-flex can withstand high industrial temperatures.  


At Meltemi we have 3 ranges of scrubs:

Essentials – The classic, the traditional, the staple of all scrubs. With simple, colourful and with matching elasticated waist trousers, these really are the one stop solution for most companies.


Contrast Trim – Push your brand, push your qualification and push your role with the contrast trim scrubs. Available in unisex and female fits with matching scrub trousers, they are the latest trend in workwear scrubs.


4-way stretch – Soft, fashion forward and stretchy. Our 4-way stretch range is ideal for those who want a little luxury in their uniform. Made from viscose, a cellulose wood pulp known for its soft touch, the male and female options offer a more contemporary take on scrubs. 


If you need something bespoke for your team, let us know. We have helped a number of healthcare teams across the UK to unite with high quality and professional workwear. We are the suppliers of hundreds of NHS trusts and healthcare institutes in the public sector, and are very proud to have created bespoke uniforms for the likes of Scottish Ambulance Service and Liverpool University Hospitals over the past year. No matter how big or small your workforce is, we can be your next trustworthy supply chain for uniform solutions. From garment design, manufacture, right through to bespoke built portal ordering services, we can help from start to finish. Keep it all under one roof with Meltemi. 

Fill out our easy enquiry form today and one of our sales team will get back to you within 24 working hours. Or if you’d prefer, you can speak with our team over the phone using 01603 731330, we’d be happy to help.