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UCAS see a huge influx in applications to study nursing

This January UCAS posted an article that reported on a rise in the number of nursing applicants, totalling a record breaking 28,215 prospective students.

 The report, in collaboration with Health Education England (HEE), seems to, despite what you might assume, accredit this increase to the pandemic, saying that it has actually played an important role in inspiring their decision.

 It’s no question that over the past couple of years the occupation of ‘nurse’ has attracted national, possibly even global attention and perhaps revealed a fierce roar of respect that has until now, existed only as a faint murmur of appreciation. It would have been fair to assume that the sinister and often rather dystopian sounding headlines in the media may well have put young people off entering the world of healthcare. Not to mention the small pay rise they received in recognition for their hard work, which many in the industry regarded as ‘insulting’. No, on the contrary, in fact it seems to have spurred on a newly motivated generation of budding nurses, full of grit, determined to contribute to our incredible National Health Service. 

‘​​It is estimated that since the World Health Organisation declared the global pandemic in March 2020, over 56,000 people have started an undergraduate nursing course, degree apprenticeship or trainee nursing associate programme.’ (UCAS)

The article reported that ‘More than two-thirds (69%) of applicants said that the pandemic inspired them to apply to study to become a nurse, with around 1 in 10 identifying the pandemic as the most important factor in their decision, and 1 in 4 stating that current healthcare personnel were the most significant influencer.’ 

Professor Mark Radford CBE, Chief Nurse at Health Education England and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for NHS England said that other practice placement providers along with universities have contributed in an effort to enrol students into nursing degree programmes by ‘promoting nursing careers and increasing the number of practice placements available to support nursing students.

It is extremely uplifting to know that the number of 18 year olds choosing to study nursing is rising and also a credit to the character of these future nurses. 

As one of the most trusted providers of nursing uniformsmedical scrubs to the NHS we feel very proud to be contributing to this sector and wish all prospective nurses good luck in their future careers.