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The Importance of Correct Sizing - 6 Things to Consider

Should you wear a uniform to work, you’ll know all too well the importance of ensuring you get the right size and fit in workwear. Not only to guarantee comfort but incorrect sizing could hinder your ability to do your job role and can be a health and safety risk in some cases.

When it comes to workwear, the correct size option can be significantly different to the sizing you opt for in everyday wear. Therefore, it’s important to consider several factors when selecting the best sizing for your employees uniform.


6 things to consider when choosing your size options:

  1. Garments should not be snug. Clothing that sits slightly away from your body will allow for the garment to move independently from your body, preventing you from restriction when carrying out your job.
  2. In the circumstance that there are vents or pleats, it's important that these are given the space to fully expand and set back into place.
  3. Certain fabrics will have less stretch than others, in this case you may consider sizing up depending on the level of flexibility you need in your job role. Some fabrics which are known to not allow for stretch and where you should consider this are woven fabrics which include: drill, poplin, flannel, cotton sateen, corduroy, and some types of denim.
  4. Don’t opt for sizing based on what employees wear outside of work, when it comes to formal workwear, areas such as the collar, chest, waist and leg will need measurements to be taken.
  5. Depending on the job role and the style of garments you would prefer your team to wear, you may look to source unisex or gender specific fits.
  6. Always remember to ask. Although you may have taken all of the above into consideration, it’s always best practice to ask your employees which size they feel most comfortable in and allow for them to try on sample sizes. This way you can guarantee your staff will always feel comfortable and at ease to avoid them being distracted at work.


At Meltemi, all our product patterns have been carefully created to ensure that the product does not hinder your movement. This generally allows you to order your standard size, however fits may vary depending on product style. Popular items where this rule applies include:

The cases where our garments are not manufactured from a fabric with much stretch is our Meltemi advantage nurses tunics. We have purposely manufactured these garments from a durable polyester/cotton blend, ideal for hospital and healthcare environments where durability is the main requirement. Because this fabric does not contain any stretch, we advise customers to consider the stretch jean size you would typically wear when choosing your size.


Getting the sizing absolutely right for your employees can impact employee productivity, for example if a member of staff is continually having to roll up their sleeves or pull their top away from their body, this is only a quick action but multiple times a day can add up to quite a chunk of time away from the task at hand. Likewise, incorrect sizing can be a health and safety risk as well. For instance, employees wearing scrub uniforms are required to wear these as a protective barrier against infectious substances or bodily fluids which could cause harm should they be exposed to these.

If you have any questions about the sizing for our garments or wish to speak to a member of our team for some advice on how to select the correct sizing for your staff, contact us today on 01603 731330.