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Punch Out & PEPPOL: Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

At Meltemi we are committed to modernising the ordering process for our retail customers and our large business accounts for not only their convenience but also our efficiency as a company. Through our bespoke portals we are able to facilitate uniform solutions with elevated ordering technology that function to each individual organisation's specific requirements.

As we speak, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts are utilising a bespoke portal we developed for their team of over 8000 staff members. Through this portal we have integrated two new transactional ERP methods. Punch Out and PEPPOL.


Punch Out

Punch Out is an internal ordering system that links the user to an external shop window. In more detail, the customer has access to a link that gives the user access to their bespoke Meltemi portal from their own operating system. Here they can populate the basket with their uniform order and once they are happy to check out, the user is ‘punched’ back to their own internal system with their pre-populated basket for final order placement The user has control over their own checkout process and can proceed with any internal approvals or hierarchy before a Purchase Order number is sent to Meltemi with the order details.The benefit of this system is that it removes any verbal or email communication, it is all done electronically which saves on time and potential discrepancy. 



We also have the ability to use PEPPOL which is a software that makes procurement better across Europe. This is a method that the NHS are starting to move across the board, with an aim to transfer all accounts over by 2024. This allows for both orders and invoicing transactions are electronic and are all logged in the system without any manual interaction.

'Peppol uses the eDelivery Network to connect different eProcurement systems by establishing a set of common business processes and technical standards. This provides a secure network connecting all Access Points using the same electronic messaging protocol and formats and applying digital signature technologies to secure message content.'(Peppol)

General Manager, Greg Houlsten, says, "This is something we are extremely keen to promote across all accounts. We are developing our ordering technology and updating our methods all the time to help our customers place their orders in the quickest and most efficient way. We’ve gone live with PEPPOL for Liverpool University Hospitals and it’s working really well. They are the first trust under our management to have done that fully so far. Scottish Ambulance Service currently use Punch Out and we are extremely pleased with the results."

Karen Walls, e-Procurement specialist from Scottish Ambulance Service say’s: : "The Punch Out feature is invaluable for us as it clearly and accurately displays images of the uniform items and accessories available for our colleagues to order.  Once the ordering connection was established, the whole process of ordering uniform items is streamlined, straightforward and the portal is extremely user friendly to operate and navigate around and making changes to staff base locations and adding users is quick, simple and immediately visible."

If you think your business or organisation could benefit from these seamless bulk ordering innovations let us know. Get in touch with our sales team today at or alternatively give us a call on +44 (0) 1603 731330 and speak to one of our team members. We are trusted NHS uniform suppliers in the healthcare industry, you can count on us to deliver qulaity service and quality garmetns.