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Healthcare Protection from Head to Toe

At Meltemi we understand the importance of optimum protection within the healthcare industry. Now more than ever it’s imperative that we continue to support the industry with good quality workwear, protecting the wearer time and time again. 

This is where our new healthcare headwear range comes in. Our design manager Sara Catanzaro explains why Meltemi chose to design and manufacture reusable headwear as opposed to disposable options: “Head to toe protection is more important than ever during the pandemic. Our new headwear range has been designed to ensure the ultimate protection as well as helping to reduce the level of landfill of disposable product sent to landfill. The products can be washed to the desired 60 degrees in line with infection control guidelines allowing the product to be reused multiple times, not only encouraging an environmentally friendly element but reducing the cost of the product per wear to any healthcare establishment.”


Why is hygienic headwear necessary in the healthcare sector?

Within the healthcare industry impeccable hygiene standards are vital to reduce the spread of infection. Healthcare uniforms are the first line of protection for wearers and suitable hygienic headwear is key to keep hair tucked away from the face during everyday tasks and whilst performing surgical duties. It is crucial that wearers avoid touching their hair and face in this line of work, preventing cross contamination from hands to face, but also to obstruct the hair from coming into contact with patients.


Why did we decide to add headwear to our healthcare range?

Commonly, headwear worn in the healthcare industry is disposable. Therefore we saw an opportunity to create and help combat the amount of disposable products being sent to landfill every day. The NHS produces up to 600,000 tonnes of waste per annum, that’s more than 1% of all domestic UK waste. Now with a surge in plastic waste at landfills, largely as a result of the increase in mask wearing, research suggests that 20,000 tonnes of disposable masks could be in UK landfill sites by the spring of 2021. As a leading workwear provider, any way we can help reduce this figure, such as providing effective reusable face masks and headwear is imperative when we have the ability to do so.

We’re also pleased to introduce a reusable hijab into our product range, ensuring we are offering multi-cultural ranges that cater for those seeking a comfortable head covering inline with their faith.

All garments within the new range are washable at 60 degrees in line with infection control guidelines. 


The new headwear products in our healthcare range:

  1. MH72 - Elasticated Back Theatre Cap - from £3.59 inc VAT

Theatre caps are a widely used garment within the healthcare sector. Meltemi theatre caps come with elasticated back for added comfort throughout the day. All caps are washable up to 85 degrees in line with infection control guidelines, therefore removing the need for disposable caps. 

  1. MH78 Bouffant style cap - from £5.99 inc VAT

Our bouffant style caps are commonly referred to as scrub hats, their usage is available for nurses, surgeons and hospital patients who are required to wear a cap whilst in surgery. The caps have a snood style back which allows for long hair to be concealed. 

  1. HIJ001 - Hijab - from from £11.99 inc VAT

Our hijab is a modern two piece design with front vanity flap styling, allowing the product to be tucked into the waistband to reduce the risk of riding up in the workplace. This style allows wearers to comfortably respect their faith whilst practicing their work. 

Reusable face masks are also available within our healthcare accessories range, with multiple styles to include all wearers. Our face coverings are guaranteed for 50 washes, manufactured from lightweight fabric to allow for maximum wearer comfort and breathability. Browse our entire range today: 


As leading medical scrubs providers to the healthcare sector we’re focused on constantly innovating our products to the highest standards to provide our customers with the best possible options. Investing in reusable items is not only beneficial for the environment, but ensures staff are wearing more comfortable garments throughout the day and cuts down on uniform expenses.

With Meltemi uniforms, you can rest assured that all garments are made to the highest standard using lightweight fabrics. If you have any questions about any of our garments please contact us today on 01603 731330 where an expert member of the team will be happy to help.