Care Guidance for Uniform Garments

A smart and professional appearance reflects well on your patients and customers, increasing confidence in your organisation. Whilst all our garments are designed, manufactured and tested to perform within the working environment, we have provided some guidelines to help you maintain them. This will ensure they continue to look smart and prolong their life to gain maximum value.

Our downloadable guides give specific advice on garment care. These can be printed and issued to staff with their garments.


Important – Fit & Wear

  • Garments should be a good fit and not under strain. Ensure staff are sized using a Meltemi sizing set or fall within the measurements provided in the Sizing Guide.
  • A garment that feels or looks tight when moving or sitting is too small and a larger size should be chosen. For staff falling outside standard sizes, a garment can be made-to-order to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Garments should be rotated in use. Do not keep a set for best; use all of your issued garments equally.


  • Follow the wash and care instructions on the label inside each garment.
  • All garments should be washed frequently, usually after every wear.
  • Any clinical garments should be washed at 60oC minimum
  • Blouses, tailored trousers, jackets and skirts should be washed at 40oC and hung up quickly on a hanger to avoid excess creasing.
  • DO NOT use a ‘whites’ powder/liquid for coloured garments. These contain bleaching agents that fade colours.
  • DO NOT use fabric conditioner either as a separate option or combined in the wash tablet/liquid. Fabric conditioner remains in the fabric and causes a sticky residue that attracts and holds dirt.
  • Wash light colours separately to dark colours to avoid colour transfer.
  • Wash dark coloured garments inside out. This helps to retain their colour by preventing abrasion.
  • DON’T overload your wash and wash heavily stained/dirty garments separately.

Drying & Pressing

  • Read the garment care label to check recommendation for tumble-drying. Blouses and tailored garments should not be tumble-dried. Line drying is the most caring option if you have time and facility.
  • Pressing: make sure the recommended temperature is used. Do not iron over zips, studs or buttons.
  • Blouses and tailored garments should be pressed inside out at low temperature if they need it. Fabrics can become shiny if pressed too hot on the right side.
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